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About Us

Nobby’s Shack’ is built upon the foundation of our humble roots ‘The Shack Superfood Cafe’. We are a family business dedicated to providing delicious healthy food and beverages, some of which is sourced from the heart of Brasil’s Amazonian forest, rich in vitamins and minerals that help prevent sickness and heal the body from the inside out.

Come and visit us at ‘Nobby’s Shack’ where everyone is happy, and if you’re not … you soon will be!

We use ethically sourced coffee and other alternative hot drinks, including Mayella’s finest herbal tisanes.

With an assortment of fresh juices, smoothies, acai bowls and Amazonian smoothie bowls, delicious breakfast options, healthy lunches, nutritious takeaway meals and large share plates to enjoy with a group of friends or family there is something to suit even the most discerning palette.

Shacksters are all about supporting local… with good food and good vibes – come and chill out with a locally produced beer or wine and enjoy the good times.

Nobby Beach looking north towards Surfers Paradise
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palm tree
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